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Welcome New Online Students


The MSJC Online Program Mission:

  • Provide a high quality learning experience in every course
  • Deliver regular effective contact from instructors
  • Offer over 80 different courses with over 450 sections
  • Access to a full Learning Management System (Blackboard)
  • Access to integrated email system
  • 24/7 Support

Get Started!

Steps Action Preparation

Step 1

Apply for Admission

  • Identify the program of study you are interested in (if you are undecided that is ok).
  • Identify your goals (if you are not sure that is ok).
  • Know your social security or student/F2 visa number
  • Know your California residency start date.
  • Apply for Admission
Step 2

Prepare for online learning.
(if you are a successful online learner, continue to Step 3)

Step 3
Find an Online Course

Waitlisted Classes

  • Join a waitlist if available.
  • If a seat opens seven days or more before the class start date, the student highest on the list will be automatically enrolled, notified through email and an automated phone call. NOTE: Check your email frequently.
  • If a seat opens seven or less days before the class start date, automated registration from the waitlist does not occur.
  • An instructor has the discretion to add a student and you will be contacted if an add is possible.
  • Pay the fees within four days or you will be dropped for non-payment.
Step 4 Enroll in an Online Course
  • Log into my.msjc.edu, select the Student Eagle Advisor tab.
  • Remember to enter the correct online section.
  • Need enrollment help? Get it here 24/7!
Step 5 Log Into Your Course
  • Log into my.msjc.edu, select the Courses tab.
  • Select the course from the list of courses you are enrolled in. NOTE: courses open 5 business days before the course starts.
Step 6
Check into Class
  • Open the course and follow the Check-In instructions in the Announcements.
  • You must check in within the five days before and up to two days after the course starts.
    Failure to do so will result in a drop from the course.
  • Review the course syllabus and schedule. Contact the Instructor with questions.

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Orientation Dates

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Online Learner's Orientation
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On Campus
Due to financial constraints, the on-campus orientations are cancelled at this time.